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Souvenir is not a company. Souvenir is a journey, a journey that dozens of people undertake by mutual agreement every day.
The company's stylist walks this path. With his eyes he observes the soul of the contemporary woman, giving her clothes that can enhance her energy. With his heart he senses its delicacy and sensitivity.
With experience he unites the two things, making them one.
Each member of the team walks along this path, perfectly packaging those ideas that would otherwise be lost in the wind, choosing fine fabrics, sewing the threads that transform simple fabric into elegance.
All the women who choose Souvenir clothes every day walk this path. They are the women who walk next to you in the street, who you see sitting at the bar table or behind the office desk. They dress in a sober but not minimal way, elegant but not flashy, with attention to every detail.

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