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Two parallel paths cannot meet.

This is an axiom. Antonella, for years engaged in the administrative sector. Giuseppe, a young man who has always flattered beauty and fashion.
Two generations in comparison, united not only by a blood bond, but also by the strong desire to create something that represented their identity and above all their strength: that of CHOOSING for themselves and demonstrating that from diversity, age, taste, of sex, something different can really arise. It is from this concept that the CHOOSE FASHION STORE men's-women's clothing store was born.

The meeting between the two parallel roads In 2014 Antonella and Giuseppe, aunt and nephew, gave life to what they had chosen, to have a clothing store. The first small store was the test bed and at the same time a springboard that led the two "confronting entrepreneurs" to want something even bigger.

Thus, CHOOSE moves to the main square of Martina Franca (Ta), in the splendid Valle d'Itria, dominating it and giving the historic place a note of freshness and modernity. Spaces doubled, interior layouts of the store always original and showcases with attention to the smallest details reflect the unmistakable style of fashion chosen by the two entrepreneurs. Garments sought through a meticulous study of seasonal trends, extreme attention to quality, passion for originality and detail.

This is the concept behind each of their choices that manages to involve men and women. The Choose store offers a collection of garments from the best emerging brands on the market, always constantly updated. A streetwear style for those who love comfortable fashion finds complicity with the extravagance of those who love to always stand out.

And again, in favor of details, a wide range of accessories for men and women for a truly different total look. In the name of innovation, Choose once again decides to invest and meet the needs of the customer of the new millennium by creating this simple and intuitive website and giving the possibility to the most distant customers to have an experience as satisfying as the one in store and setting itself the goal of making itself known, growing and renewing itself again.

What will the next CHOOSE project hold?